Thursday, March 31, 2005

A whole lot of Blah

The titillating facts of weblogs are quite boring, which in this case, is the reason why I have not updated this cursed site in many a month. Stories, friendly jests, philosophical and political rants have all been thought of and thrown out. The fact is, it’s not interesting unless it’s good. Like that piece on Chug below, pretty good. Could of done a shit ton better, but when you want the effect, you got to put the cause there first. Fools rush in, whatever you want to call it. Anything could be edited over and over. What you get in the end is the best of the worse or worst of the best…who knows? But fuck it, no really, FUCK it. I’m not going emo, neither am I going to indulge myself in my own words, I’m just going to write what I want. Be it now or later. But maybe I’ve already run amok. Hell, whatever you want to think, you’ve already read it anyway. So with the balls back behind a zipper, in the words of one of the greatest men I know. Outrix.

WWW Ni You Mao Bing