Sunday, April 17, 2005

Famous for the wrong reasons...

Today’s society has grown into a hubbub of TV, radio and other mass media oriented hysteria. Be afraid of this, oh my God@, look over here. Now watch a message from our sponsors who love that you watch this mindless drivel that pleases the socially unimportant and totally moot points that appear in our great civilization. You’d think America would be efficient enough to work around these issues that somehow divide society and create radicals on both sides wasting time and resources defending or supporting this crap. I guess mass media is really only objective in its telling of the story (if that), but has its reasons to broadcast. Like this Shriver lady who is obviously a vegetable and has been for almost 15 years. Are we really humane keeping someone alive for that long whilst feeding her through a tube? All the joys of life are gone for her. I ate liquids for 6 weeks and I felt like I wanted to die while recovering from jaw surgery. That lady would NEVER recover. In fact, I remember a very dramatic war book (the title escapes my memory) where a man loses his legs, arms and face (including mouth, eyes, nose and ears) in a bomb explosion in the trenches of WWI. He was kept alive only to live a life of solitude in some military hospital. Fully conscious. A Testament to technology, human fragility and radical ethics. And we are upset about this whole veggie thing, worked up about it enough to have Bush, who executed Retards, to try and save this poor woman. A political and media frenzy nightmare. I guess the media and political figures know to well how us Americans like action packed updates on anything as ethically trivial as this fiasco. But I will sit here and critique the sequels to come. I love and despise knowing the simplistic minds of greater America. True, it may be that this type of case has never come to popular attention, and we needed to inherit this course of action into our democratic system. But it seems our system is screwed up as the 3 powers of our nation have shown. So, in the town that made Jerry Springer mayor, I sit and bang my head against the wall at the ever popular irony.


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