Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Forums and Band

So I went on www.foofighters.com to see what people were saying about their new album on their forums. A couple people were shown to not like it, so I decided to post my own thoughts. Here is a link. Needless to say, it was pointless. It's kind of inclined me to believe that the people who haven't experienced much music and just latch on to one band, like say, the Foo Fighters, hang around the forums a lot. One dude even went as far as to say the album would probably be rated the best of the decade! Ughhh....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Mohan. I think perhaps Dave created something that his fans would want to hear. I think his current fans are the people that say things like, "I think people overanalyze music. I just go by if it makes me feel something inside." or whatever that one person said. I don't think they expect people who listen to the Mars Volta to be huge fans of Foo Fighters anymore. Perhaps I'm wrong, but that would make sense as far as simplistic progressions and what not go. It kind of reminds me of Blink 182 sadly enough. There shit was semi-complicated and original, if nothing else they played fast, before they started playing for their fans and not for themselves. Once they sucked, they're songs were exactly like Best of You evoking feelings in the shallowest of people because they think their mom is getting the best of them when they can't get a new car. By the way, do you think that FF's reads some of those posts, because you hardcore made them feel shitty about themselves if they do.

6:17 PM  
Blogger TeeJ said...

I remember when I used to listen to Blink182. They had their stint in my cd/tape player for a while. I don't know if their music started sucking, or if I just grew out of te emo/punk phase that is still scouring the nation like strong winds and thunderclouds filled with emo tears.
Truth be told, I hope Dave and Co. read it, but I doubt they care or visit their forums frequently. I mean, let's be honest, some of the fans on their forums are f'ing weird as hell. Oh yeah, that "Best of You" video sucks balls. But I do like the cameras focusing on their solo guitar riff where he is holding a simplistic octave chord for like 20 seconds in the break down of the song. The cool camera angle kind of makes it look like a kick ass solo...

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Dave Grohl and my band is better than Chanchni's Regime, so lick my nuts.

4:02 PM  

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