Thursday, June 09, 2005

Med. Marijuana

What the hell is going on with our government? Instead of focusing on issues that really matter, the American public is yet again thrown into some fantastical crusade against this extremely evil drug. What is even more amazing, to me at least, is that there are medical researches and reports that could fill your house stating that marijuana is a great aid for so many health conditions. Now, it is correct that marijuana can get you high or alter brain states, but so does a prescription of the legal form of heroin. Regardless of the marijuana hype and taboo by those who see the world only through the subjective eyes of strict stubborn morality, marijuana is not deadly or a contributing factor to the dregs of society. Furthermore, I don't even want to see this in the paper again:
"The Drug Enforcement Agency began raids in 2001 against patients using the drug and their caregivers in California, one of 11 states that legalized the use of marijuana for patients under a doctor's care. Among those arrested was Angel Raich, who has brain cancer, and Diane Monson, who grew cannabis in her garden to help alleviate chronic back pain."
Who the hell arrests a guy with brain cancer!? Oh yeah, we are working under the states moral imperative and must save this man who is going to die shortly, by taking away something that has evidently brought at least some semblance of peace to his rapidly dwindling time on this world. Thinking about federal officers handcuffing that guy and taking him away to jail or a wherever they held him just makes me sick. Is this what Jesus would do? Your god fearing justices on the Supreme Court seem to think this is the correct action. Replublicans and Democrats make me sick. In fact, Washington D.C. needs some help from some grassroots politicans who don't have much to lose. The American public, whether they like it or not, needs to hear from some politicians who don't give a shit about which way they part their hair on television appearences. Seriously, when I hear that a person can't run under a noble political agenda (such as this topic) because it would be political suicide, I want to vomit. Poor America.


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