Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Saddam and his personal life...

Chug gave me this link about Saddam and his personal life behind bars. Apparently, he still claims that he is the president and chows down American snack foods like Kurds. I know I would be savoring every last morsal that was given to me in that situation. He even rates U.S. presidents. What will Democrats say about his seemingly liberal biases? Will we hear some crappy radical right wing conservative AM radio jokes about how Saddam would gladly give a hand job to the American blue Jackasses. I know at least Michael Savage can't let me down on that. By the way, his book, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, shows why Michael Savage hates having fun. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just take a gander at his weird half smile. It's like, you are trying to sell a book, and the only picture you can find to put on the cover that you like is a weird half smile that makes you look like somone is making fun of your huge shoulder pads, and your only half amused. Probably makes cute Right Wingers wish they weren't Republican so they would not feel morally wrong about having sex. Um, word. Anyhoo.

These guards also talk about how Saddam tries to give them advice. Wouldn't you cherish the advice of a person who escaped the world's strongest country at least once? Or would you pity his flap jacking because he dared to put his balls on the US chop block by talking smack? Regardless, I liked the part about the WMDs. Can you believe him? At least on this point, I think you can. Interesting, these political heads of state are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is President Hussien...look I am still the president of Iraq you ass clown trick ass monkey hoe.

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