Thursday, October 26, 2006

What can I tell you...

Everyone break out the champagne bottles because the greatest thing since Hadrian's wall and the Great Wall of China just got approved. That's right, an incomplete (there are four separate sections), expensive (over 1.2 billion dollars that was kind of reserved for it) and necessary (kick those poor people to the curb bitch) wall has just been approved by El Presidente. Meanwhile, the real El Presidente in Mexico is running to the UN to tattletale on us. Don't worry, we will still try to half ass the building process, just to please those 4 or 5 idiot army-wannabe-civilians who risk their lives everyday protecting our borders, armed only with radios, binoculars and jungle army fatigues, that were probably bought on sale at Walmart. Hey, they've worked hard to keep out those poor and hungry Mexican assholes. Good thing Jesus amended the New Testament (Bush didn't go with his gut on this one) with this holy statement, "Thou shalt henceforth divert funding from divine prospects and build a large four part incomplete fence if thy neighboring countrymen, poor, hungry and destitute, sell oranges beside thy thoroughfares." World, watch out.


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